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Manchester Events
There are a lot of Manchester events out there demanding your attention. From festivals, to tourist destinations, to the big match at Old Trafford. There’s one thing that all of these events have in common; they need transport. You can count on everyone involved to get themselves to an event, or you can make it easier for everyone and hire a minibus from Paul’s Minibus Hire for your Manchester event needs.
Airport Transfers
We get it; airport travel is stressful. You need to pack everything up, pack it into a car, and then lug it all to an airport. When you’re there you have to pay an extortionate fee to leave your car there for the duration of the holiday. You could do that; or you could have one of our qualified drivers drive you to the airport – and pick you up when you return – saving you a lot of time and money. Call Us now.
School/College/University Trips
Any educational trip, whether at the school, college, or university level, requires a lot of planning. Not only do you need transport, but you need a driver you can trust. Every driver with Paul’s Minibus Hire is subjected to a criminal background check (CBR) and can be trusted with the kids under your supervision.
Corporate Events
If you’re having a big corporate event and you need to get everyone together. A minibus hire service could be the perfect solution. Hiring a minibus for your corporate event allows you to ensure travel isn’t an issue. Everyone gets too and from the event in a timely manner.
Days Out
Of course, there are plenty of Manchester events that have nothing to do with getting married, going to the airport, or being part of a business. Manchester is filled with plenty of things to enjoy, and having a day out means needing transport. Go to the game at Old Trafford, head down to the races, or hit up a festival in Manchester with Paul’s Minibus Hire.
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